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Brian Pagán

User Experience Consultant

👨‍🎨 Actor, UX Coach, & Nomad

👩‍🔬 Married to Hester Bruikman-Pagán

🚀 Founder of The Greatness Studio

🏡 Home: Eindhoven, Netherlands

🛬 Now: 

Eindhoven, Netherlands

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A 16-year UX veteran, I help you turn digital products into sustainable relationships.

I work on-location or remotely with teams that make positive impact on people's lives, relationships, health, and safety.

What makes you different?

I'm a design humanist, and my approach is built on three pillars: Empathy, Storytelling, & Ethical Design.
Plus, I'm fun and quirky. 🤓

Why are those pillars important?

Empathy helps us understand people, and storytelling helps us inspire them.

What about Ethical Design?

Our work impacts people's relationships, health, & safety, so we need to work ethically & with compassion.

What's your experience?

For over 16 years, I’ve designed everything from websites, to digital strategy, award-winning mobile health apps, and blockchain services.

What is UX?

"UX (User Experience) encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with a company, its services, & its products."
- Don Norman (invented the term)

How can UX help me?

Every dollar spent on UX returns between $2 and $100; that's why companies who value great design outperform their markets by over 200%.

Do you do UX research?

I’m a designer; my wife does UX research 👩‍🔬

I'd love to help with:

Developing an Experience Vision

Guerrilla-Style UX research

Design for Behavior Change

Value Proposition Creation

Facilitating Design Sprints

Information Architecture

Interactive Prototyping

Journey Mapping

Content Strategy

Art Direction



I won't help with:

Project Management

Formal UX Research

Business Modeling

CAD or 3D Design

Unethical practices

The Greatness Studio

👨‍💻 Founder & UX Coach

💼 The Greatness Studio

📅 2016 - Present

With people moving into the UX profession, and so many experienced practitioners working on their own, it can be difficult to develop in your UX career. I created The Greatness Studio to help individuals and teams unlock their UX Superpowers. 🚀

uGrow Smart Parenting Platform

uGrow Smart Parenting Platform

👨‍💻 UX & Visual Design

💼 Philips AVENT Mother & Child Care

📅 2015 - 2016

A baby's first 1000 days are the most important for healthy development. We re-imagined the key moments & architecture of our smart parenting experience, from first-use to feeding trackers. Our app is rated 4 of 5 stars on Apple iTunes & Google Play.


HealthSuite Personal Health Program

HealthSuite Personal Health Program

👨‍💻 UX Lead & Designer

💼 Philips Personal Health Solutions

📅 2014

Philips set up a new business category to inspire people to live healthier lives. As part of a prototyping squad of designers, developers, and content strategists, I crafted the overall persuasion architecture & interaction design for our web & mobile app platforms.

Self-Help App for Mental Health

Self-Help App for e-Mental Health

👨‍💻 Creative Lead & Product Owner

💼 Philips Mental Vitality

📅 2016

We overhauled and validated our digital service for mild depression, from scratch, in six months. Using an Agile UX design, research, and development process, we created a vision for our emerging business category and presented at eHealth Week 2016.

Smart Shaver 7000

Smart Shaver 7000

👨‍💻 UX Lead

💼 Philips Male Grooming

📅 2015

For the world's 1st connected shaving coach for men with skin irritation, we needed a radical approach. So, I hired a playwright as our Content Strategist. We designed our narrative, interaction, motion, visual, & copy in only eight weeks, all in-house.

Grooming App

Grooming App

👨‍💻 Creative Lead & UX Designer

💼 Philips Male Grooming

📅 2013 - 2016

The Male Grooming category was among the first to go digital at Philips. On my first assignment as Creative Lead, I helped shape our product's vision, facilitated Hackathon sprints, and provided creative direction for our agency design partner.

Red Dot Award 2015 Winner

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"Brian is a passionate professional who has produced impressive results, and I imagine has left a mark on everyone he has worked with. He's inspirational, a natural leader who brings forth not only a strong vision, and a hands-on attitude to the table, but also an infectious energy that binds a team together."

"When Brian started as lead designer of the team it became clear how all the features we were developing could be glued together in one easy and intuitive application. Brian took ownership where needed and his enthusiasm went viral. He is an excellent presenter and always in for a good laugh."

"Brian has a warm and fun personality which I have great time collaborating during the Philips HISS projects. Besides, he is very passionate and has great knowledge on empathy design which makes him a natural creative asset to any team that is focusing on delivering a meaningful design for people."

"Creativity, extensive knowledge, endless curiosity, and long time experience in the field, make Brian not just a great team leader but also a very valuable mentor. He is a complete design professional, but what makes him truly special is the ability to pair his deep knowledge with a warm, positive and team oriented attitude."

My Design Playbook

My work for the past few years has been about helping people make healthy choices. In my eyes, the biggest challenge there is keeping people engaged in the relationship once we’ve started it.


The Ladder of Sustainable Engagement is is my answer to that challenge, a framework for crafting products and services that people fall in love with.


Feel free to read more about it here on Medium. I've also created a Udemy online course around it.


The Ladder of Sustainable Engagement

Design is about relationships, and a healthy relationship has Meaning, Rhythm, Personality, and Endurance.


Ladder of sustainable engagement - Brian Pagán

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